Here’s Fleur! A modern-day yé-yé girl avant la lettre. She has the looks, the moves and a voice that sounds like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. She’s Dutch, but sings in French, because “it’s the most beautiful language in the universe”. A breath of fresh air in today’s musical landscape.

Her first release – the 7”’Mon Ami Martien b/w Mais Vraiment’ – was sold out within a week and voted #3 ‘Best Single Of 2019’ by Shindig! Magazine. Her second 7” ‘Petit Homme De Papier b/w La Reine Des Abeilles’ was released in may 2020 and also sold out within a week. Two knock-outs!

And now here’s her much anticipated debut album, simply titled ‘FLEUR’. Twelve catchy poppy-de-pop popsongs full of life, energy and honest & unpolished fun!

The album was written, recorded, performed and produced by Arjan Spies (The Kik, Mark & the Spies, The Kryng) and Dave Von Raven (The Kik, The Madd) at Studio Teepdek.

Yé-Yé!! Go-Go!! Chapeau!!


Rising phoenix-like from the untimely demise of Thee Vicars, The Baron Four are a dynamic combo formed in 2012, drawing influences from mid 60s British Beat and US garage punk in equal measures, and are possibly the wildest group on the UK scene right now!

Imagine if you will the perfect midway point between Beatles in Hamburg raw rock ‘n’ roll, and the lo-fi grind of any classic Back From The Grave-type track and you’re getting close to the heart of the ‘Four’s appeal!

To date the group have released 5 superb singles and 2 outstanding long-players, all tracked at State Records’ custom-built 8-track analogue recording facility by drummer and State head honcho Mole—right away you can hear how perfect a combination this is, as the engineers at State are totally onboard with the raw, dirty, monophonic sound that The Baron Four require.

Two of those 5 singles were released on State’s imprint, with the 3rd being unleashed by Portugal’s Groovie Records and 4th by legendary US label, Get Hip, whilst the debut LP (“Out Of The Wild Come…The Baron Four”) was handled by Germany’s Soundflat Records. Sophomore LP, “Silvaticus” (go look it up) was issued by Get Hip, while the most recent 45, ‘Shut Your Mind’, was unleashed by Dangerhouse Skylab in France.

Aside from their fully realised recordings, it’s in the live arena that The Baron Four really come into their own, with a show that has to be seen to be believed ! Bassist and frontman Mike Whittaker often spends a large part of the set in the audience, accompanied by rhythm guitarist Joe Eakins, while lead axeman CK Smith spits out fuzz ‘n’ reverbed licks set to stun, and drummer Mole flails away like a demented acolyte of The Keith Moon School Of Percussion— asinine modern rock it ain’t !! With a string of European and UK dates behind them, and an even longer string of similar dates in front, the group are going from strength to strength, picking up rabid followers and glowing reviews along the way!


Hot on the heels of their much-loved debut LP ‘Scarlet Fever’, Green Seagull’s second long player, ‘Cloud Cover’ (Mega Dodo Records) sees them develop their fascination for melodic Sixties pop and combine it with glorious vocal harmonies to create a mellow Stateside vibe filtered through early ’70s UK acts like Brinsley Schwarz and Danny Kirwan-era Fleetwood Mac. Their shared enthusiasm for late-60s baroque psychedelia and 12-string jangle has blossomed into a prolific songwriting team, with contributions from all four members for the first time.

Due for release at the height of Summer 2020 – with no gigs on the horizon to support it – expectations for the sophomore Seagull effort had been necessarily tempered. Thankfully for both band and label, people really seemed to like the new record, with the first pressing selling out on pre-orders long before the release date. The enthusiastic support from BBC Radio 6’s Stewart Maconie and Gideon Coe certainly helped the cause, as did the rave reviews from the likes of Moof and Shindig and the stunning cover art by Chicago’s Sara Gossett. Recorded once again at Sausage Studios with Sebastian Kellig at the controls, the sound has evolved from the first record with a broader, more experimental sonic palette allied to a crisp vacuum tube-powered production.

Now with gigs back on the horizon, and with the addition of Dan Davies (Wolf People) on second guitar, Green Seagull are finally able to bring the Cloud Cover material – and some even newer songs – to live audiences for the first time.


Starting back in the 1990s as <<INNER SPACE>>, LES SYNAPSES has developed into one of the most exciting Freakbeat acts within the French <<Hexagon>>.
Being a real polyglot band, their songs are presented in French, English, Dutch, Portuguese and even German! Soundwise, LES SYNAPSES settle for full on psychedelic & groovy Freakbeat, featuring organ, fuzz guitar and snotty vocals all over.

A real pleasure for every caveman and cavegurl out there!

The members are Jerome Daniel (vocals), Guillaume Tranié (drums), Ante Ljubicic (guitar) and Eric Lefebvre (bass) and their name comes from a medical word for connection between neurones that you can activate them by LSD for example
They show in their music what we normally hear from underground 60s DJ, of course they’ve listen to the real stuff, well referenced? They surely are, all members are solid vinyl collectors, so they simply avoid all clichè, that you can easily hear from so many young band.