Florian Tippelt / Frankfurt-Allemagne.

I´m Florian from Frankfurt and I´m super happy to play some tunes from the
moon at the MESS MY MIND#6 weekender in Le Havre!
I´ve spun records at international weekenders and all-nighters from Japan,
Italy, Spain, UK and Austria to Germany (obviously) – so now it´s more than
time to visit France. Let´s mess our minds!
If you fancy a trip to Bavaria you can catch up with me and my mate Claude at
Munich´s very own psychedelic club night called NEWS FROM THE MOON. I´m
/aso the co-organizer of Munich´s 60s weekender GOING ALL THE WAY which
takes place in October. You really should come – it´s good fun! Here in
Frankfurt I´m hosting the LOVE TRIP every now and then.
Expect a catchy mix of US garage, UK psychedelia and freaky beats, spiced up
with groovy ravers from all around the globe.


paul martin-it happened
the dirty firlthy mud-forest of black
offspring-she lives in a big house
damon-poor poor genie
caleb-a woman of distinction